Less is more

Weight savings are becoming increasingly important. The partnership between GLAVA® and Weber offers the market extensive expertise in lightweight and high quality solutions.

Weber & Glava

Both Weber and GLAVA® have extensive experience in the marine- and offshore industry In this industry, lightweight solutions are becoming increasingly important. With our partnership, we are offering the market even broader expertise in order to find the right, lightweight solutions for your project. We have a complete portfolio consisting of both lightweight and regular solutions, covering most requirements within insulation, flooring, resin coatings and fire-retardant plywood boards. Our lightweight products and solutions free up freight capacity. By this, vessels can save fuel and connected costs, leaving less of an environmental footprint and making operations more efficient and profitable. Our solutions save time on installation.

With more efficiency in both the design, construction and operational phases, we are helping our partners in the marine- and offshore industry to grow their business. The common values of GLAVA and Weber are to create great living spaces and improve daily life life with sustainable solutions and services, and also within the offshore- and maritime industry.

Comfort is today´s individual needs and sustainability is tomorrows collective challenge.

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